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ETH 2d

Ethereum was worth $255 on this day last year. Some need to read this everyday, and let it serve as a reminder of how the Crypto market progresses over time. Keep those 馃拵馃檶

Two months later, I think the next few weeks will be critical. If we can reclaim $4k eth and hold it I鈥檓 almost ready to call this one of the most aggressive bull market corrections ever, and we are still on the road to $10k eth. tm_source=share
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ETH -5.10% 16h

Dude on Reddit says ETH will go up

A moon whore and dude who frequents Reddit to updoot and make easy money says that ETH will go up and asks the real question on everyone鈥檚 mind 鈥渨hen lambo<聽'