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Ethereum’s Metropolis Could Be On Ropsten As Early As Monday

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Ethereum’s Metropolis Could Be On Ropsten As Early As Monday The Ethereum ecosystem is getting ready to leave its humble Homestead and enter into a robust Metropolis. This third of four phased platform updates is an upgrade for Ethereum, opening the door for even greater adoption.

Software updates have become a regular part of our lives in the digital age. Sometimes you have to click through a small tutorial and spend a few minutes downloading upgrades. Sometime you have to hard fork a blockchain, twice.

Ethereum’s evolution into Metropolis is a case study into the multidisciplinary, dynamic inner workings of how the decentralized application platform functions. The Ethereum Foundation has been planning for this moment. Top level developers have been redoubling their efforts to develop the technologies and game theory schemes necessary to implement a highly tailored approach to reaching consensus that will shepherd the ecosystem into a new age. This is Ethereum’s next big step forward and the developers behind it have designed the transition to be as smooth as possible.

There has been a lot of speculation about the timing of this release and what it will entail. Here are the facts.

Ethereum’s Metropolis Update: What You Need To Know

First, per the latest information from the Ethereum Foundation, when the Ethereum network reaches block number 1,700,000, the Byzantium hard fork will go live on Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet. This means the first iteration of Metropolis could be live as early as this Monday, September 18. The actual network upgrade to Metropolis proper is slated for early October 9, depending on how Ropsten testing goes.  

Metropolis is a significant upgrade for Ethereum and will be accomplished via two separate hard forks. Hard forks are necessary because E...

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