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Ethereum's ERC-1404 Included in SEC Filings

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TokenSoft, the leading platform for financial institutions issuing securities on the blockchain, is proud to announce the ERC-1404 token standard is seeing broad adoption by security token issuers and the financial industry.

Ethereum's ERC-1404 is a "simple restricted token standard" for securities and other assets with compliance restrictions on the blockchain. This standard was first proposed in September 2018 by TokenSoft and other blockchain developers to encourage the community to reach consensus on the functionality of restricted tokens representing assets like securities.

"Creating a standard for security tokens that made sense to developers, our customers, and their counsel was incredibly important to our tech team. We worked with issuers, exchanges, and their legal counsel to make sure ERC-1404 met their regulatory needs," said James Poole, Co-founder and CTO of TokenSoft.

Some indicators the financial industry is adopting ERC-1404 include:

ERC-1404 is the only security token standard to be listed in multiple SEC filings on EDGAR as their token standard for issuance. INX, a TokenSoft customer, is planning the first tokenized IPO in the U.S. to raise up to $130 million using an ERC-1404 compliant token. TokenSoft customers use ERC-1404 to implement compliance requirements relating to The Investment Company Act of 1940 and FINRA Rule 3220 (Gifts Rule). ERC-1404 may implement the compliance requirements involved in the transfer of equities, debt and derivatives.

TokenSoft clients offering securities internationally may use the ERC-1404 standard to prevent the flow back of tokens originally sold to investors under Regulation S into the U.S.

"Our legal counsel is really excited about the features of the ERC-1404, specifically its ability to help manage the flow and transfers of tokens.  They expect many clients to start exploring option...

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