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Ethereum New Year!

So we have seen Eth go from around $700 to $4200+ in 5-6months (1 jan 2021 to 11 May 2021) then we saw a correction and eth went down to around $1800 and now we are back at $4100+. We could see another huge explosion in 2022! According to’s proprietary algorithm, ethereum is forecast to gain just short of 70% in 2022, taking it to near the $7000 level by the end of the year. That of course would mark a significant slowdown on the pace of gains enjoyed in 2021. ​ [We can see a cup and handle pattern which is considered very bullish!]( BOOX Research are slightly more bullish on the cryptocurrency; “we are bullish on ETH while recognizing it won’t be a straight line higher… To the upside, a move above $5,000 can make way for a run towards $7,500 as our 2022 price target for ETH”. I hope 2022 brings us lots of love, laughter, and joy and OFC BIGGER GAINS!
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