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Ethereum Name Service .eth Domain Name Idea —Custom ETH Desktop Wallet — Any Developers for Use Case Input?

Ethereum Name Service .eth Domain Name Idea: Custom ETH Desktop Wallet — Any Developers for Use Case Input? Source

The goals of this article are:

to lay out a specific ENS Domain use case & gain idea validation from knowledgeable leaders or blockchain developers;stimulate creative thinkers to create innovative Ethereum Dapps; andultimately get more connected with developer leaders in the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem.

I’ve been extremely excited with the ENS Domain Auction which began back in May of this year for a number of reasons. A few of those reasons are below:

Instead of a 42-digit wallet address, you can use WalletSilo.eth or another human-readable domains have gone for $10’s of millions over the past few years — these domains have multi-wallet functionality and unknown uses still out there to be created.Ethereum Blockchain’s ENS Domain Names are, what I believe, is the first major step toward the commercialization of the Ethereum Blockchain. Source

Here’s my idea if a developer wants to reach out and work with me on this:

I want to use the ENS domain, WalletSilo.eth, to allow people to create their own branded Ethereum wallet. To do this, I would register another DNS domain — — and use it to create landing pages for branded wallets. I’m not even sure if this is possible. It would be cool to associate DNS with ENS because DNS is the visual component while ENS is the functional component — I could be completely wrong as I am not a developer, but this is how I’ve come to understand how ENS domains will be utilized.

My example would be: paired with Charizard.WalletSilo.eth

and on the page, I would want there to be a visualization of their wallet. Similar to how MetaMask allows our ENS to interact with DNS (right?) — it would be cool to show a visualized portfolio of all the coins they hold in that wallet and the value they have grown or shrunk since entering that wallet. So the page would include cool looking Charizard-branded visuals to go along with their wallet interface.

Or a Customize-able Ethereum Desktop Wallet Similar to Waves TIDEX Lite Client Waves Lite Client

Above is a shot of the Waves Wallet Lite Client — it’s a desktop wallet used to interact with the Decentralized Waves Exchange and it has a built-in Ethereum Gateway. Forgive me for my “artistic rendering” below, but this is kind of what I mean:


This could be for-profit or could be a charity-driven project that gives back to the art creators who create the branded DNS wallets. Again, I’m unsure if this is even something that is possible, but it seems it could be. Maybe you’re a developer and want to take on a project and/or need to build your portfolio — I’m really just interested in getting the ENS domain names I’ve won in the auction to have uses. The sooner we create something that can be used by ANYBODY, the faster the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem grows!

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope somebody reaches out or provides input — we’re a growing community and will only continue to grow if we work together, coordination and communication. Feel free to sign-up to the CrowdConscious email list for updates on our thought-provoking cryptocurrency market content!

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