Ethereum name service blows up with anticipated Merge. Is Ethereum name service blowing up due to Ethereum’s POS transition?

self.ethereum10d ago
The Ethereum name service (ENS) has been growing at a rapid rate with engagement and sales from numerous users. Currently, the Ethereum Merge has been well anticipated and accepted by the Ethereum community and the blockchain industry. Ethereum prepares to transition to a POS blockchain, similar to its major competitors like Avalanche. Polkadot and Zetrix blockchain which provides advanced smart contracts functionality and scalability features using cross-chain technology. The Merge has one of the reasons for the spike in ENS registrations, which has pooled a revenue totaling $6.8 million and 48,000 accounts actively using the ENS. Major benefits of the ENS include a reduction in gas fees, the ability to sell your ENS as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the ability to link your ENS domain to your wallet. These benefits have attracted more individuals in the blockchain industry and increased adoption due to the conveniences that come alongside Ethereum name services.