Ethereum JS and The Merge with Gajinder Singh

25D Ago
[Ethereum JS and The Merge]( Follow the recording of the talk with Gajinder Singh on Ethereum JS, an experimental [T]( Merge ready client for developers on [KnowYourClient]( by [EthCatHerders]( []( **Summary** * About Ethereum JavaScript team * Building blocks for JS/ETH community * Merge ready fully functional (experimental client) * Eth JS for devs - A merge capable EVM/VM * In-browser / in-app (WIP) * Ultralight SDK for Portal Network * New Sync mechanism - #SnapSync #Lightclient * What is needed for Ethereum JS to become a fully functional node running client and more Q&A. **Resources** *\_HokVjotpsVF-oJYuK1KWJzeZc4HGujQsPI/edit?usp=sharing * Lodestar and The Merge with Gajinder Singh - * TheMerge playlist - * KnowYourClient - * PEEPanEIP playlist -\_3BJV\_xZTi1F * Check out upcoming EIPs in Peep an EIP series at