Ethereum is stronger than it has ever been


We merged, environmental FUD is no more. We have several competing layer 2 scaling solutions - Optimism, Arbitrum, ZK Sync, Loopring, even Aztec for private transactions. And plenty more coming. Okay most of these are still on training wheels, but they're very much usable right now. Fees on the two first mentioned solutions are like 5 cents or less. And the next EIPs will take those fees down about 90%~99%. With those fees you could honestly just pay for anything in ETH or stablecoins if there were an infrastructure ready to accept it in the real world.

There's also staking withdrawals coming soon. There's Rocketpool coming with an upgrade to allow people to run a staking node with 8 ETH (as opposed to their current 16 ETH option), further increasing Ethereum's decentralization. We got an inflation rate of 0.01% with very little activity because of the bear market, but when things turn around we'll very likely be deflationary. Ethereum has the largest share of developers in web3.

I'm just seeing a lot of good things for Ethereum and wanted to share this.