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Ethereum is now the most popular cryptocurrency on YouTube!

Many YouTubers, while a bit sensational and over-hyped, do have extensive crypto experience. (For example Davincij15 famously bought bitcoin as early as 2013, and made a video asking viewers to do the same. If only we did!) I think they are onto something! Ethereum will soon prove its worth to the world! Source: []( Highlights: * **Ethereum is currently the most popular cryptocurrency on YouTube.** * **The news is based on a study conducted by Total Processing.** * **Total Processing reviewed 10,000 videos to come up with the report.** * **ETH has clocked over 231 million views, even more than Bitcoin.** * **In contrast, Bitcoin has a little under 200 million views. Other top-ranking cryptos like LINK, Cardano, and Ripple achieved 45 million, 43 million, and 38 million views respectively.**
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