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Ethereum Dapp Commercialization: Nears 1,300 .eth Domain Names; District0x ENS Innovation

Ethereum Commercialization: Nears 1,300 .eth Domain Names; District0x ENS Innovation Source

We’ve been hearing about cryptocurrency for years now, but this may truly be the first major step toward the commercialization of the Ethereum Blockchain. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domain Auction began in May, 2017 and 100% of domain names in the registry have been released. This means — you favorite .eth domain could still be up for grabs OR in someone else’s posession. Luckily, secondary exchanges like are popping up to assist the Ethereum Blockchain users with buying and selling these .eth domain names; but what are these domains used for?


As we can see above, the ENS domain name is used as an identity piece in the entire Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem. Even better, the .eth domain can be used as your Ethereum wallet! Instead of the typical 42-digit Ethereum address, looking something like this:


You can have a wallet address like:

PayMeNow.eth; or MyWallets.eth; or JonsWallet.eth

On the surface, this seems like nothing important. Names instead of 42-digit numbers…really? YES. Unless we human beings learn the ability to memorize multiple 42-digit addresses without a problem, these ENS Domain/Dapp names will be important and are already proving to play a role in early decentralized ecosystems like District0x! What else can ENS domains be used with Dapps for?


The chart above gives some pretty interesting Ethereum Dapp domain name use cases. Notice how all of the Dapps on the upper portion are “Fueled by Ether (ETH)”? ETHEREUM Name Service…recognize a few of those Dapp examples above? We see quite a few use cases, but also see “More ideas? Developers wanted.” There is still inventing to be done here!

District0x Initial Coin Offering ENS Domain Name Use Case District0x ICO Page

District0x has already used and is continuing to use their ENS Domain, District.eth, during their ICO to prevent the same fate which occurred in the CoinDash ICO — even if a hacker wanted to create a copycat ICO website to try and ripoff 40k ETH from District0x ICO participants, the District.eth contributor address makes it harder to get scammed. Think about it — a 42-digit line of numbers and letters, would this not be easy to get mixed up with? 42-digit line vs a familiar word which is also associated with the ICO you’re contributing to?

Here’s a visual example of what I mean:






Which one do you think is easier to work with or will lead to fewer mistakes in daily transactions?

Remember, there is a 42-digit address associated with the .eth domains names. The ENS domain name just makes it easier for humans to interact with the network, communicate with the network. This is similar to DNS domains — they are a name instead of an IP address. The difference with ENS is that it can be used as a wallet to send and receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies!

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Aragon Network being the first to announce their purchase and use of the ENS Domain, Company.eth, in order to support a company registry. Well, that Aragon ENS domain registry rolls out with the District0x project! —The Free Go-to ENS Domain Name Listing Website ENSListing

Since the beginning of the ENS Domain Name Auction, I have been scouring the interwebs for secondary markets to pop up. It’s exciting to see a Wild West type environment in which ANYBODY can emerge with the creation of a new organization or company and BE THE FORCE THAT STIMULATES THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM! It really does come down to entrepreneurial leadership and our ability to, as a diverse breed of unique human beings, coordinate within this sovereign and ever-growing ecosystem. has blown past 1,000 ENS Domain Names listed on the website and currently sits at 1,296. Just last week the website hit 1,000 listed domains. The exchange is currently being managed by one developer and takes donations upon listing your ENS domain in order to help grow advertising and marketing for the exchange. I am now supporting because I believe this is the first major step toward the commercialization of the Ethereum blockchain and I truly want to see this amazing community grow with prosperity.

I hope this piece of thought provoking and informational to you! Feel free to sign-up to the CrowdConscious email list for exclusive cryptocurrency market content!

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