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"Ethereum Classic" isn't classic and it isn't ethereum. You feel you missed out on ETH but the solution is NOT to buy ETH classic.

ETH classic exists because they refused to implement an upgrade in Ethereum which caused a fork. They didn't want to implement the upgrade because it would've prevented hackers from [stealing millions of dollars]( Yes, **Eth Classic supporters backed the HACKERS and not the users**. Lots of people are now interested in ETC because they feel like they missed out on buying ETH, so they just want to "get a deal on the next big thing". Except ETC isn't the next big thing. Nobody is developing it. It's not going to skyrocket like ETH did. It's a dead project. It's so dead that it's suffered [multiple 51% attacks]( Nobody is working on it, nobody except the hackers and old whales care about it. It's not too late to just buy real Ethereum and hold it for years. If you believe in the technology then just buy and hold out for 10k.
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