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Ethereum Cat Herders Update #24

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #24

1559 Fee market change, Altona Eth2 multiclient testnet, performance and diversity goals for Ethereum, and more community update.

Welcome back to another edition of the Ethereum Cat Herders update. Hopefully, it will help you bring up to speed since the previous ECH update.

All Core Developers meeting

The previous week instigated a key discussion around some performance and diversity goals for Ethereum. Alexey Akhunov, a lead researcher for Ethereum1.x shared his thoughts in the Gitter.

“I would love us to have a pause and talk about issues of burn-out, complexity, implementation diversity, features vs tech improvements. ReGenesis is not a silver bullet, but it is an attempt to be constructive.”

He proposed a “bargain”, whereby Ethereum devs should set some performance and diversity goals and agree that new features will only be added once these goals are met.

A lot was discussed in the bi-weekly Ethereum’s All Core Dev meeting. It is highly recommended to watch the video.

ACD meeting#90: agenda, video, notes. Next meeting is scheduled on Friday, July 10, 2020, at 14:00 UTC Newly proposed Ethereum Improvement Protocols (EIPs)

This is another proposal for the 1559 Fee Market Change. This EIP may be a combination of both EIP-1559 and the escalator fee proposals. And is proposed as a way to make it easier to add new transaction types to Ethereum. This was also introduced in the ACD meeting to be included in the Eligible For Inclusion (EFI) list.

Make SELFDESTRUCT EVM operation no-op (effectively disable). Contracts will not be able to delete themselves. Participate in the discussion at EthMagician.

An interface for using a smart contract as a rules engine. A single deployed contract can register a data domain, create sets of rules that perform actions on that domain, and then invoke a set as an atomic transaction. Participate in the discussion at EthMagician.

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