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Ethereum Cat Herders Update #22

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #22

Another edition of community updates to share the latest in Ethereum development. You can read the previous ECH update here.

Berlin Upgrade

EIPs selected for Berlin upgrade are getting ready to be tested on the ephemeral testnet YOLO that was proposed in the previous Ethereum All Core Developers meeting. The Meta EIP-2657 for Ephemeral Testnet Yolo, created by James Hancock tracks the EIPs planned for v1. According to the Berlin Client Tracker, most of the clients have signaled to participate in the testnet.

EIP-2315: Simple Subroutines for the EVM

A change proposed by Alex B(for opcode) was discussed further in the previous All Core Developers meeting. PR will be created and merged before the spec is frozen and then consensus test cases will be generated to get into the Yolo testnet. Discussion related to EIP-2315 can be followed at Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.

EIP-2537: BLS12–381 curve operations

This precompile adds operation on BLS12–381 curve as a precompile in a set necessary to efficiently perform operations such as BLS signature verification and perform SNARKs verifications. Berlin timeline is dependent on the readiness of this EIP.

Clients update:

Geth: At least 3 consensus issues and crashers in assembly code were found in Geth. The Geth client has security concerns but fine with the EIP getting ready for the Yolo testnet. Besu: PR is already merged. OpenEthereum: A pull request by Alex is under review and will be merged soon. Nethermind: They had testing and merging planned for the (previous) weekend.

Meta EIP-2070

Client status tracker

Follow the Ethereum Cat Herders website for updates on the Ethereum upgrade.

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