Ethereum APY reaches 6.15%+ on AAVE - a massive milestone in Crypto that can open the floodgate for institutional money in ETH and its ecosystem. Bullish flag for overall crypto! PERSPECTIVE

24D Ago
ETH APY typically ranged from <1% (most of the time) to 1-2% often on AAVE but reaching 6.14% as of the time of writing this post is a pretty massive milestone! That type of yield on the relatively most secured blockchain on a permission-less DeFi protocol (AAVE) can attract massive influx of institutional money. This was a big a reason for Solana's rise last year as institutions loved 6%+ yield on a well funded/ well backed project with stable and strong team. Now think about where Ethereum stands compared to Solana and what can a 6.15% APY unlock for it and its ecosystem. Merge itself is a big milestone for ETH but it is amazing to see that yield! More power to ETH and its ecosystem. More power to entire Crypto universe! Godspeed!