Ethereum API Help


Hey everyone!

I am a CPA that specializes in Crypto/Blockchain clients. I am looking to for an API where I can pull ALL of an address' transactions (External, Internal, ERC20, etc..) at one time into Excel or Google Sheets. I tried to figure it out, but it is a little too advanced for me. I will GLADLY pay someone to help me with this.

See below of the min data I need. I assume that gas fees will be a separate transaction.

  • Date and Time Stamp (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS)
  • Hash
  • The other address involved in the transaction
  • Method ID / Input data (I am not sure the correct term. The transaction type ID?)
  • Asset being transferred
  • Amount of the asset being transferred

I understand I will have to pay for the API. If there is an API provider that also has an API for other blockchains (Polygon, BSC, etc.), that would be ideal.

Please DM with your if interested.

Thanks in advance!