Ethereum and chains on-top of it going greener honestly makes me happier than all the money and pumps in the world.

self.ethereum1m ago
I care about the environment more than all the money and technology in the world. I mean just think about it, If there is no earth then what the hell are you going to do with all your Ethereum or your "lambo" bruh? This is the one gripe that a lot of people have with cryptocurrency and why they tend to avoid it completely. I don't avoid it completely but this is STILL something I have issues with and I feel like it isn't talked about enough. One thing that I don't think is talked about enough is that Ethereum switching to PoS is going to GREATLY reduce it's carbon footprint. This honestly makes me incredibly excited and it makes me want to use nothing but Ethereum and other PoS chains like Polygon. It is built on Ethereum anyway so it's mostly still on the Ethereum ecosystem IMO. Polygon also very recently put 20 million dollars towards making it's chain environmentally positive, meaning that it's trying to help the environment and undo damage rather than kill it. I think we all want mass adoption for Ethereum and I think this is a way bigger step towards that than people realize. Crypto is a long-term game and what Ethereum is aiming to achieve is a long-term game. Being the foundation for the web3 layer is going to require a ton of sustainability and I think this is an incredible step foward in the right direction for Ethereum. I believe this will bring a ton of environmentally conscious people towards Ethereum over other chains as well.