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Ethereum 2.0 Release Date Set for the Eleventh Hour as Issues Persist

The launch of Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 may be delayed yet again after developers rescheduled the network’s proof-of-stake algorithm upgrade for June 2020, as reported by Cointelegraph on May 15. Taking into account all of the factors surrounding the highly anticipated launch, the statements made by the development team can be construed as an almost official promise. Or, as the devs themselves say, “carefully” optimistic, meaning that the critical update is still not in sight. 

The main reason for the note of this careful optimism is the presence of multiple bugs in the system that the Ethereum team is striving to fix while other platforms are successfully launching their proof-of-stake networks. Why is it taking so long for Ethereum to implement its final upgrade phase before becoming truly scalable, and can this delay mean that Ethereum 2.0 is losing the scalability race?

Tinkering with bugs

The true scalability of Ethereum is constantly encountering hurdles along the way to becoming a full-fledged and viable system capable of overtaking the market with its unlimited product offering on an entirely new scope. However, bug fixing has seemingly slowed down the progress of development as other projects race to launch staking and overtake Ethereum.

The Ethereum 2.0 launch had initially been scheduled for January 2020, but the phase of finding and fixing code vulnerabilities is a long and laborious process for any project, and it’s not always possible to evaluate the time needed for these tasks. Routines such as security audits, fuzzing, detecting and fixing bugs can take months or even have no end, as the code itself is an infinite stream that can never be perfected.

It’s more complicated to plan and execute a large volume of technical work on a blockchain when it comes to new technologies such as sharding, according to Rongjian Lan, chief technology officer at blockchain startup Harmony. He told Cointelegraph:

“The coordination and dat...
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