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eth2 quick update no. 7

Welcome to the first eth2 quick update of 2020! This is going to be an exciting year.


Release of v0.10.0 spec as stable target for multi-client testnets and security reviews @paulhauner and @sigp_io team hard at work building Lighthouse Relaunch of Prysm testnet, now with aggregators and mainnet configuration A new proposal for an expedited merging of eth1+eth2 (aka Phase 1.5) Release of v0.10.0 for security reviews and multi-client testnets

v0.10.0 – 404 Not Found was released last week. Read the release notes for the technical details (integration of IETF BLS, simpler eth1 caching, etc), but what does it actually mean for eth2?

v0.10.0 is the culmination of changes introduced to the Phase 0 spec after the unfreezing following deVcon as well as the integration of the new IETF BLS standards. For some time, these new spec changes disrupted the smooth development cycle of the eth2 client teams and postponed the release of testnets that were imminent. With the release of v0.10.0, we are now entering back into a smooth rhythm.

New and updated resources

With the release of v0.10.0, we once again have a very stable target both for client testnets as well as third party audits and security reviews.

To this end, we recently updated a number of onboarding resources (and created a few new ones). If you are looking to better understand the eth2 Phase 0 specs, you should definitely give these a look!

Audits underway

Least Authority kicked off their security review this Monday and are currently digging deep. We have high expectations and are enthusiastic to be working with a team of such caliber!

Another exciting piece of news is in the form of an audit and formalization of the Phase 0 cryptoeconomics led by a new EF team – Robust Incentives Group (RIG).

RIG has constructed a cadCAD environment to simulate the eth2 economic models and explore a diverse range of attacks: including timing attacks, the pote...

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