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eth2 quick update - Danny Ryan

Strange times. I hope you are all well and continue to take care of yourselves, your families, and your communities.

We’re a bit overdue on a quick update. My apologies. I’ll keep them coming at a regular clip after this one. Eth2 is looking good – Phase 0 is stable, client teams are crushing it, and some promising research was published for our stateless future.


v0.11.0 post-audit release

Spec version v0.11.0 – Lan party – was released last week. This release represents a “post-audit” Phase 0 spec, ready for long-standing multi-client testnets.

It contains limited changes to the core consensus, instead with much of the focus on refining the network protocol – e.g. cleaner sync protocol, DoS hardening, better network/chain separation, etc. Checkout the release notes for more details.

Clients are working hard to incorporate these changes while continuing forward with stability, optimizations, and multi-client experimentation. In fact, client teams are working through March to lay the foundation for the coming multi-client testnets. Today – Teku syncs Prysm, Prysm syncs Lighthouse, and most of the DiscoveryV5 implementations can find eachother.

Release of Combining GHOST and Casper paper

This week, we released Combining GHOST and Casper on arXiv. This work formalizes the core consensus components of eth2 – Casper FFG and LMD-GHOST – showing how they work together to form a safe and live system. This paper builds upon concepts initially presented in the original Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget paper, layering them onto a more concrete Proof-of-Stake, slot-based context (i.e. that of the eth2 beacon chain).

This paper was created in parallel to the development of the Phase 0 specs. It not only influenced the spec design but also highlighted some critical corner cases that had to be addressed. We are excited to release it to the world for public consumption, comment, feedback, and critique.

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