ETH Merge and Eth on Ledger

19D Ago
Hi, I noticed a few people asking if it was necessary to do anything for the merge if they have their ETH on Ledger. I found this You Tube video from Ledger to be quite helpful. []( Also if you scroll in the comments you will see someone asking about POW Eth token. Ledger You tube gives an answer. YOu Tube Comment: "If ETH hardforks, will we receive the forked new ETH on our ledger?" Answer from Ledger " Hey there, if Ethereum hardforks, you should immediately be able to use your Ledger device to access your assets on the POW chain. However we will not support the POW chain in Ledger Live until we're 100% sure that it's safe to use. In practical terms, this means that your POW assets will be hidden in Ledger Live after the Merge. We also recommend not to move your POW assets using your Ledger device until the chain is safe to use and proper replay protections have been implemented. We'll make sure to keep the community informed nearer the time of the merge, hope this helps :) "