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Eth 2.0 Dev Update #52 — Onyx testnet launched

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #52 — Onyx testnet launched V0.12.1 Onyx Testnet is Stable

Since its launch 5 days ago on Sunday, our new Onyx testnet for eth2 phase 0 has been a success! Now with over 20,000 validators, and stable participation, we’re very happy with Onyx’s performance so far. One important feature change in Onyx is that our new state management is default after weeks of work, so knowing with certainty this important functionality is stable enough for production is fantastic!

On top of great stability in our testnet, what makes it more impressive is that we only control <20% of the network! This is great for testing our infrastructure, and really tests the chain’s stability under normal conditions since our unstable changes wouldn’t affect the network nearly as much as when we had the majority of validators.

Merged Code, Pull Requests and Issues Critical proposer index mismatch bug fixed

Every time we relaunch our testnets we have a unique opportunity to discover consensus breaking bugs or issues that may otherwise not manifest in previous deployments. A new testnet launch entails coordinating many people to prepare for a genesis event of a new chain, often involving unexpected problems. Our teammate Nishant recently fixed a critical bug that has manifested thanks to multiclient testnet experiments here.

Many security patches thanks to the Quantstamp security audit

We have been working very closely with Quantstamp to get Prysm audited for the phase 0 launch. Quantstamp has been doing an excellent job on communicating potential bugs as they discover them. We are lucky to have chosen such a great partner. Here’s a list of potential vulnerability discovered by Quantstamp:

6029 — function to return intersection of int or byte slices don’t work if input has more than 2 slices 6034 — deletion in db has a potential vulnerability under certain condition 6038 — potential overflow vulnerability in pending blocks queue for syn...
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