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Eth 2.0 Dev Update #51— v0.12 testnet on the horizon

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #51— v0.12 testnet on the horizon

New v0.12.1 Version Testnet Incoming

With the recent releases of v0.12.0 and v0.12.1, the Prysmatic Labs team has been hard at work to align Prysm with new scoped features and bug fixes. We are happy to announce that the restart of Topaz testnet for v0.12.1 is just around the corner. If you have any preference on what this testnet should be called, please suggest that in our Discord, we’d love to hear them! This release contains the long-anticipated update to the BLS signature standard. It also contains a tweak on how inactivity penalty is applied to performing validators. Yay! No more seeing balance decreasing for the performing validators during those tough times. We have also updated our libp2p Gossipsub to version 1.1. This version contains great features on addressing various attack vectors. v0.12.1 will be the target for multi client testnet and mainnet assuming no bugs found during this test period. The amount of v0.12 work done on Prysm can be tracked via #5935 and #6076. Be sure to keep an eye out as we announce the testnet restart plans early next week.

Community Feedback Survey Results

Thanks to some feedback from Ethereum Foundation researcher, Protolambda, we started thinking carefully about the biggest pain points for contributing to the Prysm project and decided to run a small community survey asking everyone about their experience running a node, interacting with our team, and reading our documentation.

And it ended up yielding excellent results! The biggest feedback comes from the pain of learning and using our build system, Bazel, for external contributions or to integrate Prysm into other Go projects. Other feedback revolves around account management: i.e., how do I move my account to a different machine? How do I change my password? How can I run tens of validators on one computer?

Another highly requested feature was being able to run any sort of eth1 no...

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