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Eth 2.0 Dev Update #50 — “Multiclient Testnet Restart + Slasher Improvements”

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #50 — “Multiclient Testnet Restart + Slasher Improvements”

This is our 50th update! Thank you everyone for all the support so far! Schlesi Multiclient Testnet Sunsetted, Witti Testnet To Succeed

The Schlesi multiclient testnet has been absolutely phenomenal for getting the implementers to focus on getting multiclient working. Teku, Lighthouse, Nimbus, Lodestar and Prysm have all been actively syncing on the network, with Lighthouse, Teku and Prysm having active validators!

However, around 11 AM UTC on May 15th , it had been observed that Schlesi had been nearly 50 epochs away from finality. While the initial cause of the finality delay has not been ascertained, they’re not rare in a test network where participants are not obligated/incentivized to keep their validators running. The lack of finality eventually lead to instability in the chain, causing several temporary forks in the network.

The block tree at the time of no finality.

After almost 300 epochs of no finality, there was a block that split the chain between Lighthouse and Prysm at slot 150496. A block was submitted that had an attester slashing, which surfaced differences in how all clients tally rewards and penalties for slashed validators. This revealed 2 different penalty calculation bugs in Prysm! After this chain split, it was decided that the best course of action would be to restart with a fresh slate. While the chain could’ve still been recovered at this point, we decided it was best to immediately use what was learned from this event and get started on a new multiclient test network! Efforts have already been made on launching the Witti Eth2.0 Testnet, but keep in mind this is not the official multiclient network. More details will be published when that is ready, but restarting the dev testnet allows for all the implementer to test further, and be as prepared as possible.

Low Participation/Finality Incident on the Topaz Testnet Now Resolved ...
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