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Eth 2.0 Dev Update #47 — “Multiclient Target Testnet Restart & Security Audit RFP”

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #47 — “Multiclient Target Testnet Restart & Security Audit RFP”

Our biweekly updates written by the entire Prysmatic Labs team on the Ethereum Serenity roadmap.

🆕 Testnet Restart Approaching has been tracking our testnet since its genesis! 🔹Simple Recap

Our current testnet has been live for an incredible 3 months, marking a significant milestone for our team as we have increased stability of our client and worked closely with block explorers, validators, and the community to make Prysm safer, more reliable, and better documented for folks wanting to interact with eth2 at the cutting-edge. To everyone that participated in this experiment so far, we sincerely thank you, it has been a joy being able to have people trying out our experimental features, improving resource usage of the client, and our documentation significantly.

Starting next week, we are planning on restarting our testnet to match the latest specification for eth2, which includes some important, consensus-breaking improvements. Behind the scenes, the whole team has been working on revamping Prysm to prepare for a testnet restart to spec version v0.11.1. This version is the most important release yet, as it will serve as the multiclient testnet target. That is, clients will interop with each other starting from this upcoming testnet restart. This restart is also the prime release of novel features in our beacon chain that will offer significant reduction in resources used by the nodes, including a critical improvement to network bandwidth usage. Among the changes included are:

Revamped state management:

Instead of saving the beacon state every slot to the database, we only persist states after a certain interval, reducing load significantly when it comes to disk writes and risk reads. Upon reading a historical state, we can replay blocks on top of the closest persisted state and recreate whatever is requested quite eff...

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