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ERC20 Tokens with a difference - New DApp

Hey guys, apologies for a bit of a shameless plug (only one today I promise!) but wanted to share a DApp I've been building, [background]( let's you buy and sell virtual shares (all individual ERC20 tokens), to build your perfect football (soccer) player portfolio, where you can earn Ether daily based on player performance - each day dividends are awarded to shareholders of top performing players. These tokens can be instantly brought and sold on the FFF exchange, and held in any ERC20 compatible wallet. Official launch is tomorrow but wanted to let you know, Ethereum is where the innovation is, and why I've invested time in building for THIS blockchain, and while I'll continue to do so. Stay strong. --- AMA if you want to know more, or if you fancy grabbing some promotional shares jump on [Discord](, I'll be holding a raffle tomorrow. Thank you.
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How to Get The BitTorrent Token (BTT)?

BitTorrent is the flagship developer of peer-to-peer technology for sharing files on the Internet. The leading places among the company’s products were taken by the well-known μTorrent and…
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Users are arriving by the thousands

No one uses Ethereum? - @GodsUnchained has over 5000 pre-orders paid in ETH.- @ZBCardGame boast over 11k users. Game is still in alpha. - @neondistrictRPG boast over 10k ppl on the waiting list for th...
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McDonald’s in the Philippines has partnered with Loyalcoin...Users are able to use Loyalcoins to redeem rewards from affiliated brands and can convert them to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and XEM through Loyalcoin’s partner institutions.

McDonald’s lovers in the Philippines can now nab themselves a free burger by signing up to the Loyalcoin crypto-rewards system. Loyalcoin is a blockchain-based customer loyalty program that rewards us...