ENS should offer a holding cell for people to send things to unregistered ENS names.

24D Ago
The use case is when I want to send ETH to the owner of a website who has no Blockchain presence. I want to send it now and don't want to have to remind myself to do it later when the owner finally does get a wallet. I know ENS allows you to register using your existing .com domain, which means anyone with a .com already has exclusive access to a corresponding ENS domain. ENS should provide a service where if I try to send ETH to an ENS address that is not registered yet, ENS will provide me with an option to hold the ETH for me and allow the future owner of that address to redeem it at will. The solution should use a smart contract in order to be trustless. The owner of the .com domain should be able to see on a website how much money is "locked away" for that domain holder to "redeem" if they choose to register for an ENS domain. And when they sign up for an ENS, the sign up process should also alert them of the ETH. This way I can also prove to the website owner, in case they try to approach me a few years later, that I tried to contact them but couldn't reach them but I did the next best thing which was I sent them ETH in good faith because there was no other option.