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Enigma Launch Update: Simulation Mode for Secret Smart Contracts

y that the untrusted runtime library requires to manage an enclave linked with the trusted simulation library, including the simulation of the Intel SGX instructions executed outside the enclave: EADD, EEXTEND, EINIT, EREMOVE, and ECREATE.

The trusted simulation library is primarily responsible for simulating the Intel SGX instructions that can executed inside an enclave: EEXIT, EGETKEY, and EREPORT.

Who can run simulation mode?

Currently the only tested OS that works is in Linux/Unix like distributions. We are currently working on enabling MacOS as well.

How do I launch Enigma in simulation mode?

The Enigma Docker Network is the first release of the Enigma Protocol in a containerized environment that offers a complete testnet.

To launch the network, follow the documentation in:

How do I build and launch components separately?

Essentially all the configurations are the same as you would typically use with normal Hardware Mode with only minor modifications.

Our code base (currently) splits into 2 modules: surface and core.

Core simulation mode: Surface simulation mode:

This is awesome, now what?

Once you’ve read through the documentation linked above, be sure to check out our full protocol documentation (WIP), which is available at

We’d love to have you be one of the first developers building secret contracts! If you’re interested in trying out Enigma, join our developer forum to speak with our team and developer community — they can help you get started. That’s the best place to ask questions and leave feedback!

Stay tuned for more improvements and announcements about our protocol over the coming weeks that will continue to open up possibilities for developers working with Enigma!

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