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Ebakus - has its own schema defined database

Each smart contract in ebakus has its own schema defined database (ESDD). This database can support any number of tables with typed fields and indexes. A smart contract is able to perform the following operations on the data: 1. Create/Drop tables 2. Create/Drop indexes on specific fields 3. Retrieve/update/delete single or multiple rows of data 4. Do ordered range queries on these data WEBSITE OF PLATFORM: GROUP ON TELEGRAM: WHITE PAPER: #EBAKUS #BLOCKCHAIN #DAPPS #CRYPTO
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What is "Ethereum Spoon" Athereum?

It is interesting to note Athereum has zero intentions of directly competing with Ethereum. Instead, this subnetwork will give dApp developers more options.
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What problems does Freelanex solve?

We’re building a platform where the blockchain and smart contracts technologies will help us solve the most common issues freelancers are facing worldwide. What is it exactly that we’re set to do…