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Earn DTR tokens ( Bounty Program Launch).

Announcing Dether’s Bounty Program! Continuing the collaborative spirit led by the Dether community, we are happy to announce the launch of our bounty program!

Hi everyone,

Today is a special day for Dether’s community, we’re thrilled to launch the Dether bounty program! Many of our supporters have asked questions about it and today we’d like to give our early supporters the opportunity to get involved in making this happen.

Reward Distribution:

A portion (3%) of the initial DTR supply will be granted for those who participate in the following Bounty categories:

· Bitcointalk Signatures and Avatar: 30%

· Translation: 25%

· Blog Posts: 15%

· Bug Bounty: 15%

. Social Networks: 10%

. QA Testers: 5%

How can I earn DTR?

To earn DTR, simply accumulate stakes by the end of the DTR token sale. At the end of the tokens sale, stakes for each category will be added up and used to calculate the number of DTR you will receive. The number of DTR you will receive for a particular bounty category is proportional to the number of stakes you’ve earned in that category.

For example:

You earn 10 stakes for a translationThere are a total of 60 contributors who have each earned 10 stakesAt the end of the token sale, there are 5,000 DTR allocated to the category Translation:

Then you will earn 5,000 * 10/ 600 = 83 DTR.

Bounty categories, tasks, and rewards

Note: Percentages below are based on 1,5% of the initial DTR supply after the token sale.

1. Translation

Dether’s website has already been translated in more than 12 languages and we’d like to thank all of the contributors for their amazing job!

Yesterday, we released Dether’s white paper presenting our vision and strategy for Dether to break barriers to Ethereum mass adoption. Today, it is also necessary to spread the word about the Dether all over the world by translating the white paper.

Earn DTR tokens by translating :

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