Dumb question about derivation paths.

1M Ago
I have ETH stored on a hard wallet from several years ago. For whatever reason I can only access them if I use the MEW wallet and select the EthereumClassic derivation path option, not the Ethereum option. If I use any other soft wallet to interface with my hard wallet, then I can't find my ETH. Also, when I check the address in the EtherScan.io, it shows I have Ethereum and not Ethereum Classic there. This makes sense because I sold my ETC years ago after the fork. So here's my question. Is this a glitch or is this just a way to organize how my Ethereum is stored on my hard wallet? Is it safe to keep them in the Ethereum Classic derivation path or should I move them to an address using the Ethereum derivation path? Will Ethereum Classic always be supported in MEW? Like is said, I couldn't find my coins using any other wallet so this makes me a little nervous. I also don't want to touch/move them since I consider them to be in cold storage. Thanks in advance for any answers on this.