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Drops: Fairly Distributing Digital Artwork

In today’s NFT landscape, the average user is quickly losing their ability to participate fairly in the ecosystem. They’re fighting an uphill battle against wealthier, more tech-savvy participants, who often abuse the system. This is often done by front-running sales using bots, out-bidding other users on gas fees, or a combination of both. To make matters even worse, Ethereum network fees are beginning to price-out the average user completely, making the simplest transaction unsustainably expensive. [Drops]( is attempting to level the playing field once and for all within the NFT market, to create a system for a fair distribution of digital art. This includes a unique artwork launch mechanism using raffles, as well as layer-two scaling to eliminate gas fees. Let’s take a look at some of the current NFT platform issues we face today, and how Drops is providing solutions. ## Front-running transactions **Problem:** On several existing NFT platforms, limited edition releases and other NFT artworks are often front-run by bots who beat regular users in making a purchase. The average user is also commonly out-bidded on gas fees, giving them a very low chance of making a successful purchase. **Solution**: Drops uses a new [fair-distribution model]( for all new artwork releases (also called “drops”), via a unique raffle ticketing system. Users can view the digital artworks on offer before the sale takes place, however in order to participate they’ll need to purchase a raffle ticket. These tickets are sold for a limited time, with each successive ticket being marginally more expensive. Once the ticket sale has concluded, users can use their ticket to redeem a randomly-selected NFT from the collection. Each ticket will have exactly the same chance of redeeming even the highest-valued artwork in the collection, levelling the playing field for all participants in the raffle. Unsold or unclaimed artworks will be ...
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