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Downvote me to hell I don't care, I still have a legitimate reason to give away Ledger Nanos and I actually do have some reputation to spend so I'm spending it

Why did I buy 20 Ledger Nanos in 2017 to begin with? Money honeys, bitcoin babes, crypto chicks — don’t take offense Maria Bartiromo was the first

I purchased a lot of Ether for friends and family a long time ago. As soon as I could I tried to get people to open up coinbase accounts so that they could hold their own funds. Toward the end of 2017 I became convinced that the safest place to store cryptocurrency would be on a hardware wallet. So I bought a lot of Nanos and started helping people use them. In every case I persuaded people that they needed one primary Nano and one backup. Both would contain the same keys by using the seed from the first to initialize the second. After setting up 10 pairs of Nanos in this way I could do it in my sleep, but more importantly I realized that this was difficult for people who were new to crypto. By helping friends and family set up their Nanos I concluded that maybe this was a valuable service to others in the crypto community.

In late 2017 the price for crypto was sky high but adoption of hardware wallets was still relatively low. I remember talking late one night with a friend and the thought occurred to me that you could make a killing selling Ledger Nano setups as a service. But you’d need to have two cute girls to front the operation for sales to really be successful. All I needed to do was train some attractive, semi-technical female sales associates who could show up to crypto meetups and pitch the participants.

Given the low rate of adoption of Ledger Nanos at the time I felt that we could get a few sales per meetup. Beyond training people how to use the devices, we could provide one year of technical support for the Nanos to try and justify the high price we would be charging. Since most of the participants had seen 5x to 10x gains in their crypto over the past year it should be easy to justify asking for 1 ETH or 0.05 BTC (in Dec of 2017 this was about $700). In addition to supporting a primary an...

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