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Donuts-on-Ethereum: Launch progress

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest by registering to claim their donuts on Ethereum. 510 Reddit accounts registered to claim 46.6m donuts (of which 425 had a donut balance). This post is intended to show where we are in the process of launching Donuts-on-Ethereum. It will be updated with relevant details. 1. Final tests on r/daonuts - **done** 2. Turn off all subreddit points features - **done** 3. Publish launch distribution csv (a link will be posted in this thread by a Reddit admin). At this point the snapshot has been taken and registration is closed. - **see [below](/r/ethtrader/comments/e6396g/donutsonethereum_launch_progress/f9nnxfc/)** 4. Publish ipfs hash to merklized launch distribution (i will do this and update this post) - [**merklized distribution on ipfs**]( 5. Initialise the r/ethtrader Aragon dao and publish the dao address - **[0x57EBE61f5f8303AD944136b293C1836B3803b4c0](** 6. Publish instructions for adding DONUTs to metamask - **[DONUT ERC20 contract](**. [**click here to add token to metamask**]( 7. Transition back-end to on-chain sync - **done** 8. Restart subreddit points features - **done!** - note. Premium subscription is coming soon **Update** - after the dao was initialised with the launch distribution i used a bulk award method to distribute everyone's donuts. at the end of this we realized 18 of the 425 recipients did not properly received their claims and ultimately this pointed to an issue in the contract which has subsequently been address...
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