Don't you think that GameFi represents the future of video games?

1M Ago
I learn about so many amazing initiatives that use different P2E blockchain games. I love the idea of gaming as a whole and think it represents its future. I want to know your opinions since I've seen that there are now so many of these games available that it might be challenging to decide which one to play. Would you mind suggesting some fantastic games to me? I learned these days at SIGMA/AIBC summit in Belgrade about implementing blockchain into games so I'm under the great impression and can't wait to learn more about it. So, I've already played a few games, including the mobile game Forest Knight and my possibly favorite NFT card game, Gods Unchained, even though the idea of earning, trading, and playing these games is intriguing! When it comes to ETH, there are many different gambling games to choose from. The most well-liked games include dice, poker, blackjack, and slots. Although all of this is exciting, I'd prefer to continue playing the NFT-powered games I already enjoy because I've never been a big fan of conventional forms of gambling and they have never caught my attention. Since I'm eager to begin playing some new games, I'm interested in hearing your recommendations.