Don’t underestimate L2s and scaling solutions. Without them, mainstream adoption wouldn’t be attainable.


There’s this analogy that I like and it goes like this:

Think of Ethereum as a supercar. All what people and critics really focus on is the engine (EVM), but obviously no one is gonna be impressed with the wheels (Layer 2 solutions).

I like this analogy because it paints the perfect picture of most people’s perception of Ethereum.
Ethereum has amazing capabilities and is arguably the most well-rounded chain, but all of these abilities don’t mean much if they can’t be implemented.

L2s are therefore an integral and indispensable part of Ethereum if we ever want millions of daily users to experience it.

Let’s not forget the massive numbers of people who use rollups, commit chains, and other Ethereum scaling solutions on a daily basis

As of the writing of this post:

  • Ethereum daily active users: ~414,000
  • Ethereum daily transactions: ~1,000,000

  • Polygon daily active users: ~345,000
  • Polygon daily transactions: ~2,995,000

  • Arbitrum daily active users: ~60,000
  • Arbitrum daily transactions: ~285,000

  • Optimism daily active users: ~58,000
  • Optimism daily transactions: ~618,000

As you can see, these scaling solutions keep growing extremely popular with tens of thousands of daily active users and hundreds of thousands of daily transactions with some cases like Polygon even boasting Ethereum tier numbers.

I know that these scaling solutions often get overlooked, but lets just take a moment to appreciate them cause without them, we wouldn’t be enjoying the Ethereum we love so much like we do today.