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Domestic Exchanges Will Be Banned and the PBOC Monopolizes Currency Issuance

Reporters of Shanghai Securities News have confirmed with sources close to regulatory authorities that Chinese exchanges will be shut down and officials have questioned the legality of relevant exchanges. Caixin, China Securities News and Sina Finance have reposted the news.

PBOC Counsellor Sheng Songcheng told journalists that bitcoin poses a great challenge for China to curb money laundering and manage capital projects. Regulatory agencies shall prevent virtual currencies from becoming a powerful new tool for criminals under terms of relative laws and regulations.

Over the years, virtual currencies have been used for speculation purposes and a preferred method of payment for dark web and illegal economic activities. Sheng pointed that:

“Any virtual currencies are by their nature not fiat currencies. Technology innovation drives human progress and promotes institutional reforms, but technology cannot replace national economic policy.”

Sheng further explains that no virtual currencies can replace currencies issued by the PBOC.

“Monetary policy represents a major policy instruments to adjust and control economy and the PBOC must monopolize the right to issue money. In the future, the PBOC remains the dominant role in the society of digital currencies or even a cashless society. This is a one-size-fits-all criterion.”

The PBOC and another six departments on Sep 4th announced that the nature of initial coin offerings are illegal fundraising and bitcoin and ICOs should not be mixed with the blockchain technology.

Sun Guofeng, head of the PBoC financial research institute, said in a recent interview that the ICO crackdown is necessary and timely.

“But this should not prevent relevant financial technology companies, industry bodies and other technology firms from continuing their research into blockchain technology.”

He emphasized that one should broaden view on the blockchain research in...

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Atleast someone got the Lambo. Lol!!!!

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The Tale of Two 93s

The Tale of Two 93s: The total daily gas used on the Ethereum network (the native demand-metric) is going strong at 93% of its peak. But the market cap is down 93% from its peak!