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Dogecoin Steals the Devcon Show

Vitalik Buterin is back to wearing his silly t-shirts, but no one cares anymore because the original dogecoin is in town.

Cheery and happy as always, Shiba posed for photos in front of a crowd of mainly coders, one of whom was overheard as saying: OMG the meme dog is real!

Doge celeb at Devcon 2019

Justin Drake, who is usually more comfortable with cryptography and figuring out all the sharding stuff, could not hide his excitement at the appearance of the real doge.

Justin Drake, the cryptography guy, heading to Devcon from Heathrow, Oct 2019

In a packed small room, because Devcon has not quite really started yet as the big day is tomorrow, Vitalik Buterin looked on as everyone run off to see doge.

His facial expression seemed to betray a slight amount of jealousy at being out-celebed by Such Wow, the original.

Buterin et al at a session on eth2.0, Devcon 2019

After a few minutes, however, Buterin pretended nothing had happened and just went on to talk about bacon and stake, with someone else muttering something about talks with exchanges to provide eth2.0 bacon liquidity.

Suspecting all this was some sort of hint that dogecoin is where the show is at, someone went off to see if shiba was having bacon or stake or what was he doing.

Whaattt, baacoon??? Nah dogecoin brrov, October 2019

Excited to finally meet the living legend, someone painted yahoooo on the wall outside a small room where people were talking about Web 3.0.

Devcon 2019 side event at Yahoo offices.

To continue celebrations, there was an ancient boat ride, some karaoke, and a long list of events both at devcon and around it.

This secret gathering somewhere in Japan took place earlier today in a massive conference hall where they have cut off the wi-fi so that nothing leaks.

The above pictures and videos, therefore, are the results of some brave undercover journalists who risked their lives to bring you the greatest jokes.


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