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Do you think Government interest in crypto is good for the long term?

I'm curious cause I've seen the discussion go both ways all the time, there seems to be some set of individuals that favor government intervention in crypto, another set don't believe that. In all I haven't gotten the right answer. What do you think? Government involvement or not? And why?
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Transaction fee economics in NEAR

NEAR is a sharded Proof-of-Stake blockchain that recently launched its main net. Their goal is to compete with Ethereum for smart contract developers.
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BTC And ETH Locked In Defi Has Surged By 194% And 10,000%

According to data from CyrptoRank Platform, the value of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) locked in DeFi is $4.78 Billion which represents 43% of the total value locked in DeFi. Furthermore, the amoun...