Do I diversify from ETH and BTC or do I stick with only that

self.ethereum1m ago
It's been a while since I started investing in crypto (though I didn't think it was a serious investment at the time), so around 2013 I started investing in Bitcoin and for me it was playing with new Tech more entertainment than anything else. However my interest grew as profits increased. I am an engineer who always loves to explore new things. Of course, my early interests were greatly rewarded. BTC in 2013 was around US $ 15, which is a bit hard to imagine now. Then I started investing in ETH, which was also very profitable, but then it was the era of shit coins. They looked like recycled ideas from BTC and ETH, but there was little when it came to ideas. For me, using blockchain in currency was a great idea. There is little decentralization, transparency and government control. Recently, I didn't have an idea for these new coins, so I started looking for other blockchain-based ideas. Earning with BTC and ETH is still very possible, even if the margins are not very high. We have seen many new ideas and companies based on blockchain, from space technology to energy and telecommunications, even companies that focus on sustainable mining which is very sought after these days(WePower, Ledger, SpaceChain, Minosis) these intrigue me because there seems to be more than "make coins, make false promises to people, pump and dump and goodbye, there is an actual business behind them .. However negative experience in everything except BTC and ETH is making me very hesitant to invest. Have you had experience with similar projects ? Would you consider something like this ?