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district0x Dev Update - September 19th, 2017

district0x Dev Update - September 19th, 2017 A network of decentralized marketplaces and communities

Over the last two weeks, the development team here at district0x has been heads-down working on two dApps. Getting new engineers on board and spun up on productive tasks while also committing production-ready work to upcoming projects has been no small feat, and we’re ecstatic with the progress we get to share in this update.

Team Updates

This week we’ve seen a new hire, Filip Bielejec, join part time. Filip hails from Belgium, and previously studied Applied Mathematics and Statstical Data Analysis before working as researcher in Bioinformatics at KU Leuven. He has extensive development experience in Java, JS, Clojure, and CLJS. We’re excited to have his skills contributing to Name Bazaar and beyond!

An additional full time hire is committed to starting on October 1st, when Filip will also be converting to full time work.

Name Bazaar

Progress on Name Bazaar has been rapidly proceeding. We’re in the final stages of development, currently implementing test cases for smart contracts as well as manually testing the user experience on a functional prototype in order to shake out any bugs.

The front end designs have been passed along to our design partners for consultation, they will be assisting us in making sure the dApp follows the visual design patterns we’ve received in the past.

Similar to our token contract launch, before launch of the Name Bazaar, we plan to reach out to community members for audits. This will include one well known developer in the Ethereum space of our choosing, as well as a few open bids for audits posted through Ethlance. If you’ve got Solidity skills and are interested in performing audits for Name Bazaar, keep an eye out for announcement of these listings.

Issue Prioritization dApp

As mentioned in our last update, we imagined a natural extension of the district proposal voting dApp, which ...

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