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district0x Dev Update - May 14th, 2019

district0x Dev Update - May 14th, 2019 Development progress and product changes from district0x

The most recent development cycle has been one of several massive milestones for the district0x project and its service providers, as well as a handful of important small victories that bring us one step closer to our ultimate vision. Among these are the deployment and migration of all our services to a new production server architecture, construction of smart contracts to assist in fixing Name Bazaar, as well as the distribution of DANK, and updates to accommodate MetaMask’s privacy mode.

Meme Factory

Meme Factory continues racing towards our expected launch day with a few minor additions as the team begins uploading and preparing content for the marketplace. We’ve implemented a new Terms of Service and Privacy policy page, and made complementary refactors of our DANK faucet and My Settings pages in order to accommodate some new disclosures.

On the devops side, we also managed a complete migration to our new continuous deployment production server, and we’ve managed to “Dockerize” pretty much everything, including our old dApps. The only domain that currently is not move is the static page, which will be replaced with the upcoming launch of the full app. Smaller fixes, such as a problem with certain assets not rendering, were fixed and deployed. Our new mainnet node instance was set up on the production server. We tested and moved any remaining services like production log shipping and Cloudwatch, as well as alarms and monitoring systems, from the older server to the new one, and finally deprecated the old server.

We also worked out a script for distributing DANK according to the Meme Factory Survey participation outputs, and of course accounting for the winners of our Meme Factory Design Contest. We’ve double checked and corrected for intended amounts, and finally moved forward with the actual distribution of DANK out to end...

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