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district0x Dev Update - March 17th, 2020

district0x Dev Update - March 17th, 2020

Development progress and product changes from district0x

The most recent development cycle has been a busy one for the district0x organization, despite the challenges facing workers globally. Across the board we’re charging forward with three different development efforts: Wireframing and design for the District Designer, migrating our live applications to Infura, and continuing to integrate Ethlance with standard Bounties contracts as well as ironing out the UI router.


For months now, we’ve been detailing a back-and-forth battle over our current node implementation. We recognized in late 2019 both a pressing need to migrate away from parity, a consistent point of failure for us, as well as an opportunity to do so with the release roadmap in 2020.

After several major design hurdles were cleared, we attempted and failed deployments of a setup using Infura late in 2019, and went back to the drawing board considering all options. Experimenting with Geth actually led to a realization of a new way to architect Infura for our purposes.

So, in the past month, we’ve been migrating our applications in their entirety over to Infura. We encounter relatively little resistance in doing this on the application itself, however, the test suites for each application need delicate reworkings to ensure they achieve the same result. This has been particularly true of the parameter change portions for Meme Factory and the District Registry.

Despite this, we’re happy to report that as of today we’ve got Infura working on the District Registry QA instance, and should see it move to mainnet barring any irregularities in the next testing cycle.


Ethlance continues to split developer time across several different fronts: the server, database and its pursuant documentation, the completion and testing of the UI router, and finally the integration of standard Bounties contracts...

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