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district0x Dev Update - February 19th, 2019 – district0x

district0x Dev Update - February 19th, 2019 Development progress and product changes from district0x

The past few weeks have been marked by travel and collaboration. Between Aracon and EthDenver, we’ve had many opportunities to explore what other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem are building, and spearhead our own efforts towards necessary integrations with partner projects. Alongside this collaborative effort, we’ve made major improvements for our rapid deployment scheme, we’ve sketched an Aragon integration for the District Registry, and cleaned up some remaining bits from Name Bazaar. Meme Factory moves closer towards a team testing push, and Ethlance gets many of its middleware systems reviewed and refined.

Meme Factory

Several more rounds of developer reviews have been conducted, and there are now just two minor issues and a redeployment inbetween us and a full-on team QA session kicking off in earnest in the next week or two. We will use this time to get non-developer hands dirty, and critically examine any user experience deficiencies lingering in the dApp.

Some of these deficiencies are already being tackled in the interface. We are utilizing a custom hand made spinner which will help inform users when the app is processing requests or transactions, an often underappreciated feature in dApps. We are also sketching the beginnings of a possible “guided tutorial” for Meme Factory. This should walk anyone with a MetaMask and a bit of ETH through the process of acquiring DANK, submitting their first vote to the registry, and buying their first Meme.

District Registry

The District Registry has evolved beyond internal development and has moved towards direct integration with the Aragon network, which is quite the undertaking. Specifically, we need to integrate in order to allow Aragon DAOKits to programatically spin up an Aragon DAO for every district which makes it into the registry. This required some direct communication with A...

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