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district0x Dev Update - December 10th, 2019

district0x Dev Update - December 10th, 2019

Development progress and product changes from district0x

The Istanbul hard fork went live on the Ethereum Network over the weekend, and along with its successful deployment the district0x service providers capped off several major milestones for our project as well. Meme Factory receives another critical infrastructure upgrade, Ethlance has more of it’s backend developed, and The District Registry positions itself for an imminent launch. Let’s dive in.

Meme Factory

In our last update, we provided a detailed analysis of our then-pending migration from running Meme Factory on a Parity node to instead running on an Infura node. This was a change we had tentatively planned for the project from the early struggles with Name Bazaar development, and with Meme Factory features in a stable place, the time was finally right to sink our teeth into making this leap.

Although it was quite a broad initiative to undertake, we’ve completed the entire migration in the past two weeks, including some necessary back-and-forth between us and the Infura teams to confirm a fix we implemented to stabilize websocket connections. As of today, we have moved our entire QA instance of Meme Factory to rely on our new Infura node, and early testing has shown extremely promising performance. We will look to begin migrating this to mainnet and the live Meme Factory instance in the coming weeks following some more battle testing.


Ethlance continues down the same path as previous weeks, with front-end fixes coming in to various minor issues. Alongside this, a bunch of changes were made to our HTML5 URL routing to more closely mimic structure on other districts. Furthermore, we’ve finalized the scrollable CLJS-JS libraries (and even had our new library additions merged into the simplebar repo, nice!) and continue to clean up and slim down our latest application’s front-end.

Backend work as contin...

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