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Distributed data service Bluzelle to integrate Cosmos

Bluzelle, a distributed key-value store edge caching service providing high-performance and high availability, has announced it will be pushing back its ‘Curie’ mainnet launch to the end of March 2020. This is being done in order to integrate the interoperable cross-blockchain Cosmos network.

The integration of Cosmos enables Bluzelle to expand from database offerings to data services. The Bluzelle team will be able to offer solutions around data wallets, data feeds, and data oracles.

“Our objective is to ensure data is managed, stored and shared in a way that maintains privacy and can be trusted by everyone. The decentralized database is the core. While developing the Curie release we discovered new technologies that will give us advanced features and greatly accelerate the longer-term roadmap.” – The Bluzelle Team Cosmos integration provides Bluzelle three important strengths: Scalability with unlimited swarms – Bluzelle initially plans to launch swarms in North America, Asia, Europe, and one for the world, for those needing global replication. As more users join Bluzelle, it can now launch more swarms easily. Proof of Stake (PoS) support for farmers and delegators – PoS was planned for a later release but now the Bluzelle team can bring it earlier. Farmers can earn BLZ for good behavior while tokens can be taken away for bad behavior. Also, BLZ holders can choose to be delegators. A delegator “delegates” their tokens to a farmer, in an effort to pool tokens together to increase the stake, and share rewards. Delegation is a new feature for Bluzelle that was not on its original roadmap. Interoperability with other blockchain services – Bluzelle can dynamically connect to other applications in the Cosmos ecosystem by using Inter-Blockchain Communications Protocol (IBC). This makes it easier for other blockchains and dApps to use Bluzelle services. IBC connects up blockchain services, and creates a decentralized ec...
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