Didn't receive ETH after bridging from Nova to Mainnet

1M Ago
[Transaction: 0x3666306689cc6e21bfe73d085dbb0cad60e9f2da1af3f4e14b370b3795882a04](https://a4ba-explorer.arbitrum.io/tx/0x3666306689cc6e21bfe73d085dbb0cad60e9f2da1af3f4e14b370b3795882a04/internal-transactions) Bridged 0.043625456036858024 Ether from arbitrum nova to mainnet aroud 9 days ago, this was said to take around 7 days before I bridged, I didn't receive this on my mainnet wallet: [https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf8bc5ce2df00cfe8970edd39c43fd98a5756996](https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf8bc5ce2df00cfe8970edd39c43fd98a5756996) What has happened here? I'm assuming that the 2nd gas fee is transacted on the mainnet wallet, so because the mainnet wallet has > the gas cost, the transaction won't go through?