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(Did you know?) Most addresses only able to afford 0.01 BTC nowadays. Similar could happen to ETH soon, HODL your precious whole ETH!

Source: []( Most addresses (around 50%) are clustered around 0.0001 to 0.01 BTC range, **with addresses holding just 1 BTC being at the top 1.56%**. There doesn't seem to be any such distribution for ETH available online, but there are data that shows [**holding just 1 ETH puts one at the top 1%**]( This is quite similar to the BTC distribution! Hence, it is possible to estimate that the distribution of ETH should be eventually similar to that of BTC, [maybe up to a factor of 6X-10X since ETH has 6X more supply than BTC]( To be precise, it is reasonable to expect that in the future, **most addresses (up to 50% of ETH addresses) will only be able to afford 0.001 to 0.1 ETH**. This is 10 times of the current BTC situation. The days of buying/hodling one whole BTC are long gone for the ordinary investor. The days of buying/hodling one whole ETH is still here, but going away soon!
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