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Dharma - Programmable P2P Lending from the Command Line Using Ethereum Smart Contracts

Dharma Command Line Interface Dharma is a protocol for unsecured, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending built on top of Ethereum smart contracts. Our first testnet release is the Dharma CLI -- a command line tool that makes it easy to: Access a programmatic line of crypto credit from the command line in under 5 minutes Build bots that auto-invest in a portfolio of loans under hyper-customizable, programmable criteria

See installation instructions below to give it a try, and check out the Dharma Protocol White Paper for more extensive information on the specifics of the protocol.

The Dharma CLI runs on a private Ethereum Testnet spun up specifically for demonstration purposes. However, nothing about the protocol or implementation requires usage of permissioned or private chains, and we intend on moving the implementation to a public chain in the near future.

The Dharma CLI is live on Kovan Testnet as of release 0.0.25! Older versions of the CLI utilized a private Ethereum Testnet spun up specifically for demonstration purposes -- for any troubleshooting with the deprecated CLI, please email [email protected]

This is highly experimental, alpha-stage ~mAd~SciEncE~, so any and all bug reports, uncompromising feedback, and issue reports are welcome.

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The Dharma CLI runs in a node environment. In order to install the CLI, run the following in your command line:

# The following two commands are necessary in order to install scrypt for the first time $ npm install -g node-gyp $ npm install scrypt $ npm install -g dharma-cli

If you run into installation errors related to the scrypt package, make sure you have g++ installed and configured locally. If you run into any other installation snags, please open up an issue and I'd be happy to take a look and assist you.

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