Dexible x The TIE: The Bloomberg Terminal for Crypto is LIVE

14D Ago

Dexible x TheTie: The Bloomberg Terminal for Crypto is LIVE

The full power of CeFi-level Algo Trading is now possible in DeFi

Starting today, to meet the growing demand for professional and easy-to-use tooling for DeFi execution, institutions can now access a full automated trading & algo suite of capabilities from The TIE’s platform.

Founded in 2020, Dexible is the first full-stack DeFi platform that enables retail traders and institutions to achieve best execution in Defi. They can do this all without having to substantially increase the technical headcount or induce portfolio risk. Dexible’s robust infrastructure and superior UX quality build provide its users with reliable execution and an easy-to-use user web UI and SDK with full-trade lifecycle support. Its clients include crypto hedge funds, professional traders, and retail momentum traders.

The TIE is the leading provider of information services for digital assets. Its core offering, the Crypto SigDev™ Terminal, is the fastest and most comprehensive workstation for institutional digital asset investors. SigDev brings together real-time news from thousands of primary sources, with sentiment analytics, spot and derivatives, alternative, and on-chain data in a powerful and intuitive platform. The TIE’s clients include the leading traditional and crypto-native hedge funds, OTC desks, market makers, trading venues, banks, sell-side firms, and other institutional market participants.

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It’s no surprise that Decentralized Finance is attracting significant institutional interest. While their depth of activities and participation may be limited in some aspects, the industry represents a significantly more mature playground for their strategies. Despite this, market volatility has put significant hurdles towards finding sufficient liquidity for robust trading implementations.

Dexible’s integration will allow traders on The TIE’s platform to inititate 7 automated trading order types on 5 different chains and hit over 60 liquidity sources in seconds.

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Read more in the Tutorial here.

Dexible is proud to announce a successful integration into The TIE. Institutions recognize Dexible’s superior execution for their demands. Dexible consistently outperforms both in long-tail trading and on large-liquid trades.

“DeFi requires significant technical expertise, and multi-domain knowledge,” said Mike Coon, cofounder and CEO of Dexible. “The TIE has a platform with a highly dedicated user base of sophisticated analysts and traders. The platform’s analytic tools and curated news feeds are designed to help users consolidate their most relevant signals. My team has been engineering DeFi and Web3 infrastructure for over 4 years. With our latest product, Dexible, we architected the infrastructure with the intent of allowing traders to harness price movements.”

A recent case study from the CryptoShire team below proves this point.

“Algo trading is the benchmark of success for other execution platforms,” said Jake Tantleff, Director of Sales for Dexible. “APAC Lead of Bloomberg’s STEP (sales trader efficiency platform) and an algo trader, I realize the critical importance that this software plays in furthering the deep use cases and familiarity with new ecosystems. I’m very excited to continue working with our partners on TheTie to bring best-in-class execution to hundreds of analysts and traders.”

Institutions can book a demo with Jake here. Dexible accepts new integration opportunities on a limited basis, and 3rd party applications can apply for Affiliate integration with Dexible here.

iFrame “Our vision with The TIE goes beyond the algo order types that Dexible currently offers,” continued Mike Coon. “We want to allow traders and analysts to harness whatever sentiment, volume, liquidity, or macro signals they deem relevant and transform them into programmatic trade indicators.”