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Deribit Exchange Review & Tutorial (ETH MARGIN TRADING!)

Deribit is a great crypto exchange with margin and option trading available. Here is a youtube video review: I would rate it a good 8 or 9 out of 10! You can turn your $1000 into $100'000 and make bank but be careful haha. Here is the link to Join Deribit (save 10% on trading fees):
Go to self.ethtrader
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Matic + Gitcoin Build-n-Earn

We’re excited to publically announce that Matic Network is partnering with Gitcoin to launch the Build-n-Earn Program –  assisting dApps to thrive – starting August 2020. Matic will be committing $50K...
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Curve Finance

Michael Egorov talks about Curve, the decentralized stablecoin exchange that’s taken DeFi by storm
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Another Ethereum Copycat Gets Desperate

Ava Labs just committed SeppukuMost projects these days are widening distribution via rewards to network participants and community support, but Ava Labs decided they wanted to do so by increasing the...